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Food Stylist

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel”…… Maya Angelou

The eternal colour of sunshine, positivity and joy. If there’s a colour that we will paint our world with, it will be YELLOW.

At The Yellow Picture you’d find a story sneaking behind every frame, just waiting to be discovered and unleashed. A story which takes on the hues that your creativity bestows it with. For we believe that everyone, without an exception, is born creative. It is what we were ordained for. To create. Sensibly.

The Yellow Picture.

A collective of photographers, filmmakers and most importantly, storytellers.

We are master food photographers with an undying passion for food and the stories behind food. A collective that believes in the power that an original story beholds, and the harmonious marriage of minimalism & mystique to create it visually.

So what is the Yellow Picture for you? In simple words it’s the joyous travelogue of storytelling. It’s where we hear and listen to fascinating stories before anything else. Of people and places. Where we become a part of the story as well.

Prem R George
Filmmaker. Photographer. Food Stylist & master Editor. Prem’s bubbly and euphoric demeanor is reflected in his body of work that spans almost a decade now. Fanatically minimal in his style and poetically simple in his thoughts he is living his dream of being a visual storyteller.

Rahul Rishi Kaul
Filmmaker. Photographer. Writer. Rahul is an inveterate traveler and a voracious reader. A passionate listener and a firm believer in visual realism. His dream of winning an Oscar drives him every day towards these untold stories.

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prem is an artist who always makes me want to be a part of the experience portrayed by the still or motion output he creates. Be it a food or a lovely stop motion video, you just want to relish it in its totality.

It is so full of life! And I feel that this is one of his biggest ability. Way to go!!

baker & co-entrepreneur of butter side up